Get Your Garden Ready For Spring With 5 Easy Steps

1  Clean Up Throughout the fall and winter, your garden can be exposed to the elements and what’s left behind from storms. “You want to first start by clearing all of your garden beds and lawn of broken branches, leaves, and other debris that have collected,” says Chris Lambton, professional landscaper and […]

5 Signs Your Windows Should Be Replaced

Your house may not be able to talk to you, but nevertheless, it gives you signs when something’s not right. A home’s windows are particularly communicative. Although they don’t last forever, high-quality, well-maintained windows could last for 20 years or more, but there are many factors at play. (Windows in a coastal […]

Get Ready For Spring With These Handy Homeowner Maintenance Tips

Indoor Spring Cleaning Garbage Disposal: Here’s an easy way to clean garbage disposals using household ingredients in your pantry. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the disposal followed by a cup of white vinegar. Once the bubbles subside, pour in a pot of boiling water, and allow it sit for five minutes. […]